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How to Measure


Don't be intimidated by measuring your staircase for a stair lift - the process is actually pretty easy, and doing this step yourself can save you both time and money on a stair lift installation. Just follow these eight simple steps, and then call our stair lift experts to order your new lift!

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Stair Lift Measuring Step 1


Measure your stairs in a straight line from the front edge of the top landing to the floor beneath the bottom step. Don't allow the measuring tape to sag!
Stair Lift Measuring Step 2


Now, measure the same line, but only from the edge of the top landing to the front edge of the bottom step.
Stair Lift Measuring Step 3


Next, measure the width of a single step. Only measure the usable width - don't stretch the tape beyond any guard rails or bannisters on the side of the stairs..
Stair Lift Measuring Step 4


Measure the distance from the end of the bottom step to the nearest opposite wall, door, or obstruction.
Stair Lift Measuring Step 5


This one's easy: measure the height of a single step from top to bottom.
Stair Lift Measuring Step 6


Another easy one: measure the length of a single stair from front to back.
Stair Lift Measuring Step 7


Measure from the front edge of one step to the fornt edge of a step beneath it. This helps us to geometrically verify the previous two measurements.
Stair Lift Measuring Step 8


Finally, measure from the edge of the top step to the nearest door, wall, or obstruction much as you did in step 4. You're all done!